Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™️ Professional

Chris Stigas is a Certified RHFAC Professional. He has an extensive background in architectural renderings, blue-print design and planning, and able to consult at the early stages of a construction project right up to completion. Additionally, he has 20 years + electrician and construction knowledge and is very familiar with AODA legislation and Building Codes.

Almost 6 year ago this Fall, he suffered a traumatic and life altering spinal cord injury that changed his body and its abilities. A C5-C6 incomplete injury limits his mobility from the chest down. As a result, he has personal first-hand knowledge of the barriers, and built environment limitations all around us.

His pre-injury professional experience coupled with his lived experience gives him the unique perspective of having both sides of the equation to draw on when conducting assessments and giving recommendations. It is also why he is passionate about the RHFAC program, removing barriers, and improving dignified access for goods and services in public spaces to people with accessibility needs.

Qualifications and Expertise:

• Residential, Commercial and Industrial Electrician
• Extensive experience with blue-print reading
• Strong competency with Building Codes
• Excellent at visualizing concepts and ideas
• Ability to converse knowledgably with wide range of stakeholders including architects, engineers, designers, investors, project managers and regulatory bodies.
• Ability to explain complex construction matters in straightforward, easy to understand language
• Available extended business hours, 7 days a week to accommodate clients busy schedule

Description of Experience:

As mentioned above, 20+ years experience in electrical construction on projects such as:
• Sunnybrook Cancer Clinic
• The new Pearson International Control Tower
• Toronto Hydro Switchboard control Center in Rexdale
• Plant Electrician at Optimum Waste Management and Recycling

Please email [email protected] for more information