This Is Our Story @yogi.chair

March 12, 2018

My name is Chris. On November 2014 I suffered a SCI which has changed my life and left me searching for the mindset/skills and strong conviction to continue my life as I once knew it.

Reconnecting with Sharon and having her introduce me to Yoga was where I began to open my heart and mind to new opportunities and abilities.

I am a 20+ year Electrician. My injury has not stopped me from doing what I love. Through my injury I have been given the opportunity to involve myself in research, volunteering, peer support, and accessible consulting even continued involvement with my electrical career. Through this blog my goal is to expose people on my perspective regarding accessibility with current experiences and upcoming technology aiming to make people’s lives as independent and self-sufficient as possible.

My name is Sharon. I am a yoga teacher. I was introduced to yoga about four years ago. Little did I know the impact this practice would have on my life. The greatest teachings yoga has blessed me with are letting go of things I cannot change, accepting myself just the way I am and being me without the fear of judgement. I decided in 2016 that I wanted to do my yoga training with the intention of deepening my practice. This intense 500 hour training didn’t just do that, I was forced to look within, peeling away a lifetime of clouded judgment and uncovering a person I forgot was inside. By allowing myself to be vulnerable and face my fears, doors began to open for me. Accessible yoga was the next training that I took. I decided to take what I’ve learned and practice it in my own practice and teach it to as many people as I can. The Universe has synchronized my path with Chris’. Our friendship reconnected after his accident and my new found love for yoga. My goal is to spread awareness that yoga is for all, as it embraces every “body” and accepts everyone. All you need is your breath.

Through this blog I will express things I find inspirational and motivating that can hopefully find common ground with others so that they can also accept and experience the positive vibrations that yoga has shown me.

Chris & Sharon